Fixing Young Crooked Teeth

What can be done?

Thousands of children walk out of dental practices every day without the treatment they require. When children’s teeth don’t look right (crooked, protruding, or over crowded teeth) the advice should not be wait until the child is older, then have braces or possibly extractions.

The solution is the application of a device that improves the face as well as the teeth by correcting the myofunctional habits that cause bite problems (mal-occlusion).

The Pre-Orthodontic Trainer

Suitable  for children between 6  to 10 years of age the Trainer is a non-intrusive retaining device that eliminates bad oral habits.

Mouth breathing, thumb sucking and tongue thrusting can cause incorrect facial and dental development. Now you can treat these problems easily and effectively using the TRAINER System™ for habit correction during mixed dentition, braces, permanent dentition and more.

The TRAINER System™ gives your kids:

  • A better look
  • A better smile
  • A better future

What is Involved?

To understand how you can make a difference in your child’s teeth alignment watching the movie (click on the Dentist below)

Stage 1 – Eliminating Myofunctional Problems – The starting T4K™ (blue or green) is soft for maximum compliance and flexibility to adapt to severe dental misalignment. It must be used every day for 1 hour plus overnight while the child sleeps.

Stage 2 -Correcting Tooth Alignment – Once the dental alignment improves, the hard T4K™ (pink or red) is used. This is much stiffer (same principle as orthodontic archwire). As the teeth come into place, more force can be used to encourage their alignment.


Suitable  for children between 9  to 11 years of age the MyoBrace is a non-intrusive retaining device that corrects orthodontic problems.

The MYOBRACE® is a new concept based on these traditional removable appliances. It uses computer aided design and new patented dual moulding technology. It incorporates the proven habit correction of the TRAINER System™ and  simultaneously develops the jaw, aligns the teeth, and treats the tongue and oral muscular (myofunctional) habits which cause the orthodontic problems. Watch Video by clicking on the MyBrace

MyoBrace vs Braces

Braces are an effective method to straighten teeth and unlike the MYOBRACE® do not require patient compliance. However, because fixed braces cannot effectively develop the jaws, extraction of multiple permanent teeth is often required. Commonly reported problems associated with full fixed braces include enamel and root damage.

Stability remains a problem, as research shows that when the braces and retainers are removed the teeth most commonly crowd up again over time, even if extractions of up to eight permanent teeth are performed.

Because the MYOBRACE® treats the causes as well as the dental and jaw alignment, the results are more permanent, particularly if the treatment is started before the permanent teeth are all present in the mouth.

Dental Supervision

Because both appliances require close dental supervision call the practice for advice and direction on which dental strategy best suit you.