Lingual Braces

One of the most appealing attributes at all ages is our smile, which can be easily improved with the help of braces. However, many adults put off having their teeth straightened because they don’t want to wear braces. With the latest brace system, you can have a radiant and confident smile without anyone aware you are undergoing treatment for teeth alignment.

Lingual Braces Image

Padstow Ideal Dental offers an advanced invisible brace system called STb Social 6 lingual brace system. These lingual braces utilize a hi-tech wire system placed behind the teeth to correct misalignment. Lingual braces are an ideal approach if you are uncomfortable wearing braces or aligners for two or more years. Lingual braces are indicated for minor to moderate teeth crowding or spacing problems. . STb Social 6 lingual brace system corrects the most visible six upper and lower front teeth (referred to as “social 6”) in a fast and aesthetically pleasing manner.

Benefits of STb Social 6 lingual braces

Invisible to others

Your dentist will place the STb Social 6 braces on the inside surface of your teeth (lingual). This will help to align your teeth without anyone being aware of your treatment.

Fast Results

STb Social 6 lingual braces straighten your teeth within a few months of using them. The treatment visits for lingual braces do not disrupt your schedule since it usually only requires 2 to 5 office visits to complete.

Comfortable to wear

STb Social 6 braces are designed to provide maximum comfort and allow confident and clear speech throughout the treatment period. The brace system depends on a light weight hi-tech wire system which allows gentle alignment of your teeth without applying pressure.

Convenient for you

You can resume your regular activities such as eating, drinking and playing sports without removing the braces or misplacing them. Hence, STb Social 6 braces are an ideal approach for today’s ongoing busy lifestyles.